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part one

JTS crops up in the letters columns of the SBL now and then, often being praised by real or fictional correspondents (who may at times  be assistant editor Michael Moorcock in disguise). I can't claim to have found all of these mentions, but this is a representative bunch from my incomplete collection of SBL.

Some of the letters chosen (or made up), house ads and mentions in editorials give an idea of how the editorial crew were presenting JTS's stories to the public, clearly aware that they were not quite the same gripping action yarns most other SBL authors were producing. Story's good showing in the SBL "Pop Poll"  seems to indicate that, at least amongst those who filled out poll forms, he had a sizeable following.

Above: Big plug for JTS, the introduction of "S.-F."...?  If this editorial (from no.429, May 1959) isn't by Michael Moorcock I will eat my modem. 

Above: Story letter from no.429

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If you have any details about Story's time on the SBL,  please let me know at Guy.Lawley@dsl.pipex.com  Thanks!

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