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part three


Below: JTS in a spot of bother, speaks up for self, gets support from pop culture historian W.O.G.Lofts.       From no.464 and 465,  Nov & Dec 1960.

Below: ad from no.472, March 1961

Below: Editorial from no 473, also March 1961


Below; JTS promotes Blake in the very last days of the SBL as magazine, no 523, May 1963. The SBL would fold the following month, to relaunch as a series of paperback books.


Below: Self-censorship in the SBL? Nothing to do with JTS, but interesting to note how the menacing silhouette of an arm holding a weapon has disappeared from this cover between the house ad stage and the final version, to be replaced by a very Legoland country church. We must be back in Saint Harping.


For the final issue of SBL (no. 526, June 1963) a number of Blake writers were invited to write letters about the series, and these ran on the last letters page. Here is Jack's contribution:

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